Christian Chavez Staged A Smear Campaign Against Me, Says Ex — Exclusive

Posted on June 20th, 2013 at 5:58 pm


A Mexican boy band member turned telenovela star is accused of using his fame and PR machine to stage a smear campaign against his ex-boyfriend after the two were arrested for domestic violence, RumorFix is reporting exclusively.

Benjamin Stewart-Kruger, who is a successful LA realtor, dated Christian Chavez, an openly gay singer/actor, for about a year and a half when things got so nasty they could be the subject of a telenovela.

On April 30, Christian was set to move out of Benjamin's place and then something snapped and the two engaged in a bloody fight with both of them calling 911 and both being arrested for domestic violence.

But, that was just the beginning -- afterward the two engaged in a war of words on TV and on Twitter. Benjamin tells RumorFix exclusively, "There's no winning for me -- 99 percent of what he said is false!"

Christian accused Ben of having a history of violence, spending time in a mental facility and suffering from bipolar disorder.

Benjamin, who accused Christian of bilking him out of thousands and damaging his home, says, "He has a bigger platform -- he gets publicity. He did at least 20 interviews."

And, the realtor says because of the confrontation, he was harassed at work and at home. "Spanish-language reporters would show up at work and pretend to be clients. I had two attempted break-ins and an email was sent out to every single agent in my company saying I should be fired."

Christian's fans were furious. "The day after the incident. I got a death threat every five minutes. I couldn't use my phone," Benjamin says.

And, he had to hire security. "All my new clients that came in had to go through a security process. I even had security escort me to open houses. I spent thousands on security," he adds.

Benjamin says even his sister and mother were targets,"I feel sad for everyone who was involved. No one benefited -- it's just nasty and negative."

There will be no more interviews, Benjamin says, "The only thing I can do is shut up. There's no winning. I know what happened and Christian knows what happened."

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