Amanda Bynes The Next Christina Aguilera?

Posted on June 12th, 2013 at 4:29 pm


So much for retirement.

RumorFix has confirmed that Amanda Bynes is in negotiations with Chinga Chang Records and has "committed" to being in the recording studio on Friday.

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Chinga Chang Records CEO Dan Herman tells us, "Her voice sounds like Christina Aguilera." He goes on to say, "She has a great singing voice -- it's theatrical. Our producers really dig that and think they can parlay that into a hit record."

Dan says he approached the troubled star's attorney to offer her the deal despite the bad press. "She's a great girl," he says. "She's not the villain she's portrayed to be."

The CEO of the New York-based record label says if someone really wants to know who Amanda sings, they should check out Hairspray.

"I'm willing to give her a chance to do what she wants to do," he adds.

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  • 6 Responses

    1. Kate Rodson says:


    2. xtina_fighter says:

      Please don’t compare her to Xtina

    3. fighter28 says:

      we all know that christina is a true legendary voice and she will always be a unique reference but comparaison is useless, she is untouchable ! Wish for you the best Amanda btw 🙂

    4. Gerardo Gutierrez says:

      Let’s be honest. Christina Aguilera is a Legend! Her voice is so amazing it can hit so many high notes. It is not to be compared to someone, but to sit back and admire her voice through her truly dedicated music. Good luck Amanda on recording, but I doubt her voice is just like xtina. It’s not that easy to have a voice like christina’s<3! #Fighters #UnbreakableFlowers !

    5. why do i read these things says:

      If Amanda sounded like Christina, she would have had a record deal a million years ago. Don’t compare an ex child actress to one of the best singing voices of all time!

    6. Aizan says:

      She sounds nothing like Xtina. Whoever said that is seriously deaf.

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