Alec Baldwin Attacks Reporter And Quits Twitter – Again

Posted on June 28th, 2013 at 7:49 am

baldwin2When Alec Baldwin has a Twitter meltdown, he doesn't hold back.

The last time he had a Twit-fit and quit the social media site was when he got into a tiff with American Airlines over his being removed from an American Airlines flight after getting into a dust-up with flight attendants over his playing Words With Friends pre-takeoff.

He since returned to Twitter but is gone again after going off on a Daily Mail UK reporter who claimed in an article posted to their website that Baldwin and his wife Hilaria were tweeting during actor James Gandolfini's funeral on Thursday.  Hilaria's Twitter page had several posts go up during the time the funeral was underway, ranging from asking about wedding anniversary presents to talking about smoothie recipes with Rachel Ray.

The former 30 Rock star had some choice works for the story's reporter George Stark, even using a possible gay slur to insult him.  And for those of you who don't appreciate R-rated language, turn away now.

After Thursday night's rant, Baldwin quit the social media site. ... again.


 Baldwin's pregnant wife Hilaria is still on Twitter and has responded to the Daily Mail article, saying "I don't know what hurts more: people randomly and maliciously writing lies about you, or the people who actually believe them. My husband fights for me fiercely. It hurts to be misunderstood and it hurts to see your loved one in pain-even more so when she is pregnant.  It is shameful the bullying that the internet allows for. "Reporters", "publications", and anonymous posters. Rage, greed and pettiness hurt.  I hope that this reporter knows how much pain and drama he has caused from his poor journalism. Lying and bullying are shameful."

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