YouTube Celebrity Denies He Was Attacked For Spreading Tyler Perry Gay Rumors

Posted on May 17th, 2013 at 10:27 am


The YouTube celebrity who accused Tyler Perry of being a closeted gay has denied he was attacked because of the accusation, RumorFix is reporting.


In a video titled “Love & Relationships: Tyler Perry & Me,” Walter Lee Hampton claims he's a former friend of the famed director who he says is gay. Walter claims that Tyler turned his back on the Black gay community after Tyler achieved Hollywood success.

After the video made headlines, pictures of a badly injured Walter began circulating, prompting rumors that he was assaulted by individuals from Tyler's circle.

Walter took to his Facebook page to deny that the gash on his face that reportedly required 120 stitches was the result of an attack, saying “I suffer a injury from a glass door falling on me…..DID THE DOOR ATTACK ME???”

Walter also addressed the backlash from his "outing" of Tyler. “TYLER PERRY outed himself YEARS AGO. That man was out at the GAY clubs Dancing on the Speakers >>>YEARS before i was," he said. "You can NOT be in the closet and OUT DANCING at TRAXX!!..give me a break!!!…..and you hateful punks got the NERVE to be mad….WHY?????…TYLER PERRY OUTED HIS DAMN SELF YEARS AGO!!!!”

RumorFix has reached out to Tyler's reps for comment.

Reporting by Mara The Hip Hop Socialite

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