Oksana Grigorieva: From Mel Gibson’s Tirade Target To Pop Star?

Posted on May 7th, 2013 at 12:40 pm


Oksana Grigorieva is best known to the public as the mother of Mel Gibson's four-year-old daughter Lucia and the victim of the actor's verbal tirades. But now she wants to be known as something more: pop star.

The 43-year-old Russian beauty says she is now in a much better place after her turbulent years with the Oscar winner.  She recently stated her upcoming foray into dance pop "is a celebration of a certain period of my life, a sort of metamorphosis if you like, into a happier place," she says in a press release sent to RumorFix.

The accomplished musician is best known for her classical recordings and compositions.  She even wrote Josh Groban's hit Un Dia Llegara off his album Awake.  But now she's branching out of the world of classical music and into dance pop and she's diving in head first. Her first single, Party, came out on iTunes on Tuesday and her new EP Love to Dance will be out June 4.

Listen to Party here and tell us what you think!

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    1. max says:

      great, i’m impressed. looking forward to hearing her in the club

    2. Olympe says:

      Error in this article.. this isnt the first time she is trying to do it in pop.. she already made a CD in 2009, all paid by Mel Gibson, with several videos made by mel gibson and paid by him too, and who was a big flop.. she didnt even sell 100 of them..
      She never could sing nor play so its also going to be a big flop thus in ALL the articles about this new one, she all the time talk about Mel gibson and that she was with him in order to be recognised.. even in the press release for the album that she made she talkof Mel Gibson even saying she was his wife, among other big lies.
      All she is after is money and she never made a song for Grosnan, this is a lie too.
      Its an american pianist who wrote that music and a song writter, male who wrote the song, and its the american painist, blonde, who interpretated the music on piano. Oksana was once in one of the interpretation, menaing playing the piano, and thats it. At that time oksana was living with music mogul David Foster, and thats why she got to have an official job so she coujld renew her authorisation to stay in USA. oksana is not american and do not have citizenship. She is from mordovia, vclose to dagestan where the terrorists come from, and yes her too do terror in USA and we wish she was gone.
      Now like in 2009, she is giving several dates for the release of the CD, in 2009 she annouced the release of her CD in june, august, september, november and again in february 2010.. doing like if she had made a new CD.. she consecutivly announced making a new CD non stop ever since.. in 2010, 2011 (6 times) and 2012 also with this one. So she has been telling that she had a CD about to be released for 3 years now without coming with anything. It is first after making out with a black singer and rapper, that seh came with one song.
      She cant do anything herself and never work a single music in her life.
      The CD she came out with in 2009, contained classical gypsie songs, of which she stole both the mkusic and lyrics, then songs who were written by mel gibson, whos music wasstolen from a russian pianist form the 19th century, and whos name wasnt writtn on the CD.. and lyrics stolen from a french poet, whos name also didnt figured on the CD. She stole the poets texts from internet and from written exchange between that french poet and Mel Gibson.
      Faulse declarations and lies are her specialty, she is a con artist.
      She deserves to be jailed and i do hope that she will be!

    3. Olympe says:

      oh and she cannot be branching ouit odf the classicla since she never ever played any classical concert in her life (!!) nor make any CD where she playh classicla music. And its not because she didnt have the occasion to do it but because she cannot play clasical music. She play pioano out of key and siong faulse.
      She can dupe an amator but not professionals.
      It took her 2 years rehearsal with personla audio ingener and private piano lessons everyday to be able to make a pseudo concert for 30 persons, of 15 minutes, with only 3 songs… its saying about her total lack of talent and dexterity and lack ofg skills in music.
      She never attended any higher learning school of muisc , she only went to the local music school in Mordovia, where her mother was teaching piano, and most certainly was only able to come in because her mother was teaching there.
      She never wokrked a day in her life, as she always lived on other people’s money both in russia then in england and now in USA. She just depend on a man she go in bed with and who is much older than she is and she begon that as 20 years old.
      She is leasy, fake, dishonnest, lying, promiscuous, lying, and driven by money without any moral nor ethical considerations.

    4. Barney says:

      LOL! As the article says: SHE contacted YOU, not the other way around. She is a no one and this site must still be holding a worthless ridiculous grudge against a drunken man who shot off his mouth or she wouldn’t have gotten the press. Get over it already! It’s been years and years and he was D.R.U.N.K.!

      1) she is best know by those that know her for her LIES. She is a compulsive liar.

      2) Who wouldn’t be in a ‘better/happier place’ making 20K a MONTH? That is the amount she makes off of Mel–and the money is meant for the daughter. But the mother is spending it on producing her crap music instead.

      3) ‘Accomplished musician’?? LOL! Wow, you use the word accomplished very loosely, don’t you? She LIED about being a ‘world famous concert pianist’. She hasn’t done one, not one, concert! Research, pal, research. Applying the word accomplished to that first cd she put out (at Mel’s expense) won’t fly either.

      4) She ‘helped’ co-write that Gorban song. et, she lies and gets full credit for it. Why don’t you go read up on that too? You’ll see I’m right.

      5)no matter which what you slice it: 43+ year old ‘pop stars’ don’t happen!

      What a joke! LOL

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