Miranda Kerr Goes Topless — Accidentally

Posted on May 22nd, 2013 at 4:36 am


Victoria's Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr went topless for a photo shoot on Tuesday, but she didn't mean to.

PICTURES: Miranda Kerr's Double Nip Slip

Orlando Bloom's wife was modeling some skincare products when her black sweater had a mind of it's own and revealed her bare breasts in Miami Beach.

But, it's very hard to faze a pro -- she kept her smile during the whole wardrobe malfunction.

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    1. Ashley P. says:

      LOVE HER!! 🙂

    2. Kyle says:

      I’m sure she handled it like a pro;)

    3. tnmccoy says:

      What’s the sense of showing these pictures if you’re going to censor them? We’re tired of being treated like naive children. The Liberal society is okay with baby murder, pervert ‘marriages’, perverted sex education in kindergarten, etc. But a wardrobe slip? Oh no! You have to cover that up. These aren’t slips anyway, but a way to get more press coverage and titillate the public. These celebs are exhibitionists at heart anyway.

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