Michael Strahan Goes Shirtless, Shows His Sexy Abs

Posted on May 7th, 2013 at 6:00 am

strahanOn Monday, Michael Strahan proved that just because he's not in the NFL anymore doesn't mean he still can't sport a chiseled bod!

The Live with Kelly and Michael host flaunted his sexy six pack after his trainer Latreal Mitchell tweeted a snap of him showing off at the gym.

Mitchell captioned the photo, “So proud of my client @michaelstrahan @KellyandMichael 4 maintaining 7% BF! Ready 4 summer! #ripped #lean #cleaneating."

Rawr, tear us off a piece of that!

    • Luann

      Seriously, you think that’s sexy? He looks like a sac of potatoes – all lumpy where lumps shouldn’t be. I’m sure he’s very nice, but ewwwww……

      • Suk_m3_h47d

        KInda like your mom, am I right? *high five*

    • Sam J

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