Michael Jackson Accuser Speaks Out: He Told Me We Were In Love, We Role Played

Posted on May 16th, 2013 at 5:07 am

The Michael Jackson trial was told yesterday about seven children allegedly abused by the superstar.

Wade Robson is a famed choreographer who was once known as a protege of Michael Jackson. On Thursday, Robson appeared on NBC's Today show, just two weeks after filing legal documents claiming that he was sexually molested by the King of Pop.

Speaking out for the first time, Robson told Matt Lauer, "I never forgot for one moment what Michael Jackson did to me."

However, the 30-year-old dancer has previously sworn under oath that nothing inappropriate had ever happened between him and Michael during Jackson's 2005 molestation trial.

Now, Robson says he has been emotionally traumatized his entire adult life by the events which took place at Jackson's Neverland Ranch estate from the time he was seven until about the time he turned 14.

When pressed by Lauer as to what specifically took place, Robson was vague. "He performed sexual acts on me, and forced me to perform sexual acts on him," said Robson, "Michael told me that we were in love."

Robson is now married and has a child of his own. He says he has experienced several mental breakdowns as he reflected on daily phone calls from Michael Jackson in which he says, "He would role play and train me for these scenarios."

Robson says that he was brainwashed by Michael and adds, "He was a troubled man."

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    1. Desertlife says:

      How does coming out in public benefit this guy. Doesn’t he realize he is hurting innocent people? All this guy wants his fifteen minutes of fame. Because going public is not going to help him? He could have easily went to a therapist without going public. Now he is hurting the Jackson kids and they are innocent in all of this.
      As far as I am concerned, he believes this is all about him because he never considered the harm he could be doing to Michael’s children! He is scum!

    2. Bea says:

      Wade deserves a voice and compassion for the 7 years of hell and manipulation he went through at the hands of Michael Jackson. The truth needs to be told. He was forced into this situation back then when Michael silenced him or the truth would have been told many years ago. Don’t blame the victim, it is Michael Jackson’s own fault this has happened. He needs to pay for his crime, dead or alive. IT IS A CRIME!

      • Michael Bestever says:

        Wade said MJ paid him NO MONEY to silence him or get him to say nice things about him. LIES!! If you are to believe the OLD LIE first MJ had no interest in a 7 year old to molest. Remember Sneddon’s trial didn’t even have him molesting the younger brother of Gavin cause he had no interest in him. LOL Now MJ is interested in 7 year old and HE DIDN’T pay them to shut up but just told him??? LOL Stop the ridiculous lies.

    3. confused says:

      Shouldn’t he be arrested for lying under oath. Numerous people have lied in court and did time. Why isnt he being charged with perjury? If Michael was sexually malesting young boys I blame him also. He failed to protect other young boys by not telling the truth under oath. He was an adult before Michael died, why did’nt he speak up then? So do I believe him no. I think his fame and fortune has dropped so this is one way for him to be relevant temporarily. Also, so he is suing Michaels estate which is his kids. People have compassion for victims speaking out to heal, not to get paid and stay relevant. Brainwashed my azz.

    4. Michael Bestever says:

      Wade Robeson is A outright LIAR AND A POOR ACTOR. LOL a
      year before his death he and his wife had MJ and his kids AT A BARBEQUE that
      Wade discussed in the December 2009 Michael Jackson Opus. I believe Wade is
      being USED NOW to taint Katherine Jackson Civil Lawsuit against AEG as Wade HAS
      TIES TO AEG. Youtube Search: MJMedia09Returns for the TRUTH!

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