Martha Stewart Reunites With Former Colleague on!!

Posted on May 9th, 2013 at 11:07 am

Martha Stewart meets her dates on 'The TODAY Show' in Rockefeller Plaza

Martha Stewart has spent the better part of a week looking for love on, and after being contacted by thousands suitors on the dating website, Martha has chosen two men who she is particularly interested in.

On Thursday, Stewart met the men together on the set of NBC's Today show. Matt Lauer introduced Martha to the two men named Stan and Larry.

Stan is apparently a successful filmmaker who writes and directs commercials, while Larry is a wealthy steel trader.

Martha Stewart meets her dates on 'The TODAY Show' in Rockefeller Plaza

As it turns out, Martha and Stan had worked together once upon a time on the set of a Kmart commercial.

During a short video montage, Stan, 68, listed off a string of likes including sports, painting, landscaping, and carpentry. He says he loves to eat and drink wine. He also likes dogs and Sunday afternoons... Really?

Anyways, when Stan (who brought flowers) and Larry finally took their seat on the couch with the homemaking mogul, Lauer asked Stan if he had interest in dating Martha years earlier.  Stan implied that he had and added that they had a lot of fun shooting the Kmart commercial.

Is Martha Stewart on the road to romance?

What do you think??


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