Lindsay Lohan Rehab Debate: Lukens In Palm Beach Vs. Morningside In Newport Beach

Posted on May 1st, 2013 at 4:48 am
Still A Rumor


Time is running out for Lindsay Lohan.

She must pick a rehab facility by Thursday to honor her commitment to a judge.

Her father, Michael Lohan, says he's talking to the troubled star again and she is battling with her attorney, Mark Heller, about a treatment facility.

"Lindsay has communicated to me and even the owners and clinicians at The Lukens Institute in Palm Beach that she wants to go there," Michael tells RumorFix exclusively, "but Mark Heller cut a deal to get a referral fee if she goes to Morningside in Newport Beach."

Heller tells us a location hasn't been selected yet -- something in the New York area is likely.

But, Papa Lohan insists that the City Attorney will allow Lindsay to go to Lukens, but "Heller lied to her and said she is not approved."

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    1. MoronLohan says:

      On the one hand Lohan does not have any money as Charlie Sheen paid IRS bill on the next hand Lohan’s idiot father says lawyer gets a cut. Linday’s mom and dad seem like a major part of her problems and the rehab she goes to should ban her parents.

    2. Rivki123 says:

      Michael Lohan is definitely the one being paid. What a slimey slime ball.

    3. Michael Loser Lohan says:
      Who is bein paid Michael Lohan? Even before Morningside Recovery you were pushing for this place who is paying you. LEave the poor girl alone.

    4. Diane says:

      BS as usual for him. a day out, they know where she’s going and just don’t want to say to give her privacy and good for them for doing that. it’s definitely not going to be palm beach and never was and morningside hasn’t even been brought up since 2010. she’s not going to a rehab in california when all her family is in new york. from the sounds of it, he’s being left out in the dark as to where she’s going and that rules out him talking to her.

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