Kris Humphries’ Ex, Myla Sinanaj, Crushing On Ray J

Posted on May 4th, 2013 at 9:24 am


If we weren't convinced before, we sure are now -- Kim Kardashian and Myla Sinanaj have the same taste in men.

Besides dating Kim's ex-husband, Kris Humphries, Myla now has her eyes on another ex, R&B artist Ray J.

The buxom brunette even taped a Keek video lip syncing to Ray J's new song "I Hit It First."

A source close to Myla tells RumorFix, "She has a huge crush on Ray J. She has met him in the past, she thinks he's hot and she would date him in a minute."

And, the model is telling friends that she should have played Kim's look-a-like in the music video.

May 4, 2013 | I hit it FIRST

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    1. Val says:

      She is a FAT, UGLY mess looking for attention obviously. I guess that hush money tat Kris H paid her off with is now gone. SMDH!!! what a piece of trash. She wants to be Kim K so bad that it is killing her. She is a $2 trick who got used by Kris, and trying to get a come up. Poor thing. Ray J is a dirty dog, but he wouldn’t even want this trash.

    2. mendozavasquez says:


    3. shag11 says:

      Ray J is a little mud duck. She must be impressed by his penis size, ’cause otherwise, he looks like a street crack addict.

    4. toxy says:

      but she is hot

    5. TBone says:

      She so sad and desperate, it’s comedic. I saw one video of her trying to do a bootie stretch and she was shaking her arms out beforehand like she was getting ready for a marathon. OMG, she’s insane. When I was watching it, I was like…WOW, she is really lost. DUDE, KRIS… Stay away from this porch monkey.

    6. TY_NYC4 says:

      Who was stupid enough to release these pics? Her body is not the
      bizness. Sad part is, those jugs are fake and she still looks nasty. I
      wouldn’t hit that flat wide ass with a my enemy’s diyck.

    7. BlckStalyun6 says:

      She cleans up well but she really only a 6. If she never talks, I’ll give her a 6.5

    8. Monica says:

      OMG what a nasty looking skank, this chick wants to be Kim so bad. LOL!!! she looks fat and sloppy, and her a** is flat and wide, who thought this was cute? I can’t stand Ray J and he is a low life rat but I don’t even think he would touch her nasty looking a** ugghhhh, she looks diseased. SMDH!!

    9. Matthew518 says:

      Your comments made me laugh. I take it you who think Myla is ugly are either females who have no taste in judging other women, or homosexual men. Myla’s hot. Just another gorgeous woman who people hate purely out of jealousy. Get over it!

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