Kim Kardashian-Kanye West Baby Cartoon Offensive

Posted on May 1st, 2013 at 5:12 am


A new cartoon depicting Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby is offensive to many fans of the celebrity couple.

The drawing shows the baby looks like a mini-Kanye and is growing in her belly and her bum.

A RumorFix reader brought the picture to our attention calling it "racist."

It was posted on The LASS Bible's Facebook page and while many comments described it as "funny," some said they didn't get the joke, they thought it was "offensive" and one person even asked, "Aren't pregnant women allowed to gain weight? Smh."

RumorFix reached out to Kim's rep for comment, so far no response.

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    1. Deanna777 says:

      Well, she claims to be carrying Kanye’s, her stomach shrinks and grows each day, and she looks as if she’s carrying the child in her bum.

    2. B-REAL says:

      Who Cares… really… It is even hard to imagine that a person who makes a sex tape.. and I cant even call what she has a career without rolling my eyes imagine that the word OFFENSIVE be in her vocabulary… Come on.. its enough that we have allowed this “tool” and her family of “tools” waist good air time watching them make complete **** bums of themselves and whats even sick is that they have made $ from it.. with like ZERO shame. Come on PEOPLE.. lets get off this roller coaster.. I am soooooo sick!!!! I think Rob and Courtney need a show.. they are the only ones from this family that are actually REAL and worth the time!!!!

    3. david says:

      Kourtney is not real she thinks she is better than everyone and Rob thinks he is the victim all the time. And this is very offensive to women in general she is pregnant and this is how people want to treat her. Come on. You all are just pissed that she is making a $$$$$…………. Hypocrites…………

    4. serious says:

      Okay, its funny, isnt it true. Whats racist about it? Some people really need to define racism and this isnt it. She is having a byracial baby get over it. She isnt the first or the last. If it was the other way around no one would care. So guess what? We dont care.

    5. LeXi D says:

      Let her be. She is no different than anyone else except her life is in the public eye. Many have had a sex tape,many have had multiple sexual partners,and trust many more will do way worse thing’s in life. Every time this woman photo is taken,and name is said she will pocket money! I ain’t mad at her! Why are YOU? JUDGE NOT!

    6. westindiesgirl says:

      looks like she’s giving birth via her b*tt

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