Keith Urban Returning Next Season On American Idol

Posted on May 14th, 2013 at 12:23 pm
Still A Rumor


As American Idol approaches its season finale, it's becoming clear who's coming back and who's being eliminated from the judge's panel.

After 12 years, Randy Jackson announced he's leaving the show.

And, there are rumors that FOX was going to clean house on the money maker -- getting rid of all of the judges.

But, on Ellen on Tuesday, it appears Keith Urban is announcing he's staying.

Here's what he told Ellen DeGeneres:

"I'm here to announce today that I’m going to be replacing Randy, which is fantastic ... I’m going to miss Randy. I got to say. He’s a beautiful part of that whole institution."

It's a weird comment, because he's already on the show and wouldn't be replacing Randy. In any event, RumorFix has reached out to Keith's rep and FOX's rep for comment.

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    1. Alice says:

      If Keith leaves so do I. He is the BEST judge in Idol history. The show needs some format changes and a panel of three is best, but if Keith isn’t one of them Idol has lost one more household!

    2. Chris Peplinski says:

      I hope that Keith stays since he was one of the best judges this season and it would be a mistake to eliminate him,

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