Katherine Webb’s 1,120 Calorie Diet?

Posted on May 24th, 2013 at 6:34 am

SIKatherine Webb is denying a report in the new issue of People magazine which outlines the skimpy caloric intake of the seductive model's daily diet.

People's headline reads:

Katherine Webb's 1,120-Calorie Diet Is Causing a Stir

In an interview with the magazine, Webb says that she has cut out bread products such as cake, cookies, and bagels... and, instead, sticks with smoothies, salads, yogurt and grilled chicken.

But, on Thursday, Katherine shot down the 1,120 calorie number in a tweet: 

"No way I only eat 1100 cals a day! I love chocolate too much!"

By the way, the sultry Sports Illustrated bombshell also admitted to People that she occasionally indulges in all-American buffalo wings and french fries.



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