Justin Bieber Goes Clubbing & Has Bodyguard Pick Out Girls For Him — Exclusive

Posted on May 30th, 2013 at 5:45 pm


Although Justin Bieber isn't old enough to be in a bar (he's only 19) he went to three of them Wednesday night and balled out spending lots of cash.

The underage pop star partied with a group of his friends at "21 and over" nightclubs in New York City. 

They stopped at Avenue before heading to Marquee.  An eyewitness at Avenue tells RumorFix exclusively, "He was upstairs so no one actually saw him except for when he was going up, but his people did pick out girls and sent them upstairs." 

Our source says Justin left Marquee shortly before 4 a.m., but he didn't stop there. The energetic teen stayed on the West Side and continued partying at 1Oak club.

"All the clubs didn't care about his age because of the amount of money he spent," another eyewitness tells us.

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    1. $9842229 says:

      well all we can do is wait for the crash and burn. This kid has let it allll go to his head and sadly he seems unfamiliar with the history of teen idols. They have a short life span and Justin, Miley and others who think they are long termers sorry but you really have not contributed anything new to the music industry.

      • Linda Moore says:

        So true! He’s still a juvenile…where is is “loving” mother these days? She or someone needs to take control of this thug or his days are numbered!

    2. Linda Moore says:

      Body guards picking out girls….jeeez this kid has hit an all time low if that’s possible. What a thug and a disrespectful little and I do mean little, punk! He’s not even 21 yet and his days are numbered if he doesn’t clean up his act!!

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