Farrah Abraham: I’ve Been Crying All Night Because I’m Single

Posted on May 2nd, 2013 at 12:14 pm


 Now that Farrah Abraham got her million dollar pay day for her porn tape, the Teen Mom 2 star is explaining why she did it in the first place in a video provided to RumorFix.

Farrah, who shot a porn with adult star James Deen, says she has been a single mom for four years and "Off and on dating loser a** boys who always try to sell information and manipulate you."

She goes on to say she's 21 now and has "pretty much been crying every night" because she's alone.

The MTV reality star says she wanted to celebrate her "awesome body" and get her own sexy shots. And, of course, she took a shot at her sex partner saying he was not professional when he spoke to RumorFix and other media about the not-so-secret video.

PICTURES: Farrah's "Awesome" Body

 So in the end when Vivid Entertainment came knocking at her door, she says, "Why not sell it?"

And, that's the World According To Farrah Abraham.

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    1. $9842229 says:

      what a piece of work this woman is…we all saw her on Dr. phil and her arrogance and attitude was despicable. She lied and tried to tell Dr. Phil viewers she made the tape so she can refer back to it when she is past her prime so she could remember when she was young and beautiful. REally, Farrah, you have had a lot of work done on your face and you still look like a horse. Your body is average for someone your age and your desperation to stay relevant is more than obvious. I don’t know why these reality stars think they can make a career out of their 15 minutes. Look at Heidi and Spencer who boasted that they were the couple everyone should envy because they have it all. Where are they now? living in Spencer’s parents basement.

    2. Doug Denslowe says:

      Wow,Gwen,I was going to comment,but you covered just about everything!Good job!

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