Farrah Abraham: I’m Doing My Own Show, I Don’t Need A Spin-Off With Jenelle Evans

Posted on May 16th, 2013 at 3:41 pm


Several gossip websites are reporting that arch Teen Mom rivals Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans are going to star in a Big Brother-like TV show for MTV.

“The special would focus on dissecting and repairing the relationships between the reality stars and their mothers. The Teen Moms’ children would be on the premises during filming, but they wouldn’t be featured on the special,” RadarOnline reports.

But, RumorFix can tell you those rumors are false!

Farrah's publicist tells RumorFix the 21-year-old was approached for the special, but she turned it down. She, however, is working on her own undisclosed show.

Farrah, who currently stars in a porn video, tells RumorFix exclusively, "I am my own person and I have a great relationship with my mom. Jenelle isn't a mom -- she doesn't even see her child. I'm focused on business not drama -- and being a wonderful mother."

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    1. Lawrencia says:

      Narcissists can not be good mothers, it does not happen. The children of narcissist mothers grow up in chaos. These mothers see their kids as tools for themselves and expect the child to do for them and make then responsible for the mothers emotional well being. Farrah should not have custody of her child, she has shown all ready that she is more in love with herself then her daughter.

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