Dr. Joyce Brothers Always Delivered The Goods, Says Publicist

Posted on May 13th, 2013 at 4:50 pm


Dr. Joyce Brothers, the grande dame of popular psychology, died on Monday at the age of 85, RumorFix confirmed.

Sandy Brokaw was her publicist and friend for 30 years.

He tells us the woman, whose popularity soared through almost 100 appearances on the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson, "was a consummate professional."

"She would go on a show whether it was radio or TV and come up with interesting stuff and always delivered the goods," he says.

On a personal note -- I must agree. I interviewed her about 14 years ago. The subject of the interview was a new trend starting in the 2000s -- cybersex. And, this woman in her 70s did indeed deliver the goods!

Joyce's first TV appearance was near 60 years ago, when she won the $64,000 Question and ever since then she has made sure "she was right and accurate."

Sandy says she worked almost until the end -- she just stopped about two months ago.

While she will be remembered for her serious talk shows and her no-to-serious appearances on Love Boat, Happy Days and Naked Gun, Sandy says, "A nicer woman you wouldn't meet."

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