Did Slade Smiley Use Gretchen Rossi’s Money For Her Birthday Gift?

Posted on May 21st, 2013 at 4:06 pm


Slade Smiley gets his girlfriend Gretchen Rossi a Rolls Royce for her birthday, but who exactly is paying for it?

On this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, we see Slade and Gretchen leaving a swanky hotel in San Diego where they just spent a romantic weekend, and the valet pulls up in a white Rolls Royce with a huge pink bow tied around it as a truly stunned Gretchen shrieks in delight "What do you mean that's my car?"

After being totally shocked, she quickly comes back down to reality and asks, "Are we all of a sudden rich, and I missed it?" It gets totally awkward watching the scene when a confused Gretchen continues to wonder aloud, asking who paid for this car? Did Slade? Did she? Did God?


Slade, who is as shady as ever, is quick to explain that he just upped her lease on her Mercedes and got a fabulous deal on this new car that's only a "few hundred dollars more" than she is paying now. So basically she will continue to be making the monthly payments for this birthday dream car he so kindly "bought" for her with her own money. A slightly annoyed Gretchen says to Slade, "Hold up, when you make that big of a decision, I need to be involved" as they drive off together into the California sunshine in her fancy new car.

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    1. southernbelle says:

      i don’t understand why she talks about vicki? and does slade have a penis made of gold or hung like a horse?

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