Des Hartsock Sends Promising “Bachelorette” Villian Home Before Rose Ceremony

Posted on May 28th, 2013 at 9:12 am

Bachelorette_Desiree_HartsockDesiree Hartsock has her hands full this season as she fills the coveted role of The Bachelorette.Jonathan-1369706593

Her face said it all as Des was presented with a handful of some very not-so-promising men, one of whom tried to get her into bed the minute he met her,

During The Bachelorette premiere Monday night,  a man by the name of Jonathan Vollinger gave Des a key along with a note inviting her to the Fantasy Suite upon meeting her. While Des immediately told him she's "not that kind of girl," that didn't stop Jonathan from pressing forward with his request.

Throughout the entire first episode, Jonathan tried to take Des away from meeting the other men and would lead her down dark hallways in the mansion into a room where he had prepared a mock Fantasy Suite.

At that point, Des was done.

She told him in front of the others, “You’re making me very uncomfortable. I’m not going to wait until the rose ceremony. I’m going to go  ahead and ask you to leave.”

And like that, Des took care of this season's villain before he even had a chance to wreak havoc.

Des is one smart cookie!


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      Can’t wait for this to air! I’ve been following the bachelor and bachelorette for some time now!

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