Deion Sanders’ Son Sleeps With Versace Sheets In A College Dorm Room

Posted on May 3rd, 2013 at 9:28 am


Boy has college changed since I was in a dorm.

I remember the bed was small and the sheets were worn out and non memorable.

But, if your the son of NFL legend Deion Sanders -- you sleep in style.

Deion Jr., who is playing football at SMU, tweeted a photo of his gold Versace sheets with the caption, "Gotta sleep good."

Primetime's response was "He's a fool. LOL."

With a dad like Deion and a stepmom like model Pilar Sanders, would you expect anything else?

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    1. Linda Moore says:

      He’d have been laughed right out of the dorm with those sheets at my school….UGA! Ridiculous!!

    2. FyneWyne says:

      You would think that for the price of those sheets, when he pulled them out of the package, there would have not been any wrinkles.

    3. Mike Loshe says:

      Woah! When it comes to
      bedding sets
      I thought my Michigan one was by far the best, guess I was wrong! I wonder what Deion had to pay for that!

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