Controversial Alternate Cover For Kanye West’s New Album Leaks?

Posted on May 30th, 2013 at 7:45 am
Still A Rumor

crossKanye West has found himself at the center of controversy again because of a rumored alternative cover for his upcoming album, Yeezus, that recently hit the net.

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If the rumors are correct, the controversial cover features a cartoonized Kanye hanging from a cross in the same way the Bible describes Jesus was nailed to a cross. The image has incited outrage among members of the Christian faith, and has been called a "disgrace" and "blasphemous" by religious groups and even the hip-hop star's fans.

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No word yet from Kanye's camp about the legitimacy of the alleged alternative cover, but the "Stronger" rapper previously showed off a different Yeezus cover on social media sites. The album is set for release on June 18.

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    1. nowdisconnected says:

      Kanye is a complete disgrace and embarrassment to our country. If anything, he represents satan. His opinion of himself is unbelievable. This piece of crap guy is insulting to my intelligence to say the least. And Kim is endorsing this blasphemy with enthusiasm. She wants to be with THAT! Kim wants to marry THAT! And grossest of all, Kim wants to have a kid with THAT!

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