Chaz Bono And Cher Have Falling Out, No Longer Speaking?

Posted on May 6th, 2013 at 5:15 am

chaz-bono1Chaz has had it with rumors that he and his mom, Cher, had a falling out and are no longer speaking.

One tabloid claims, “Chaz and Cher barley speak anymore, and they're OK with that,” adding that the two don't see eye to eye on the way Chaz has been so public about his transformations. “Chaz understands completely so they both agreed to take a little family sabbatical — from each other. Cher even joked that Chaz reminded her too much of his dad Sonny and you know how well that turned out.”

PICTURES: Skinny Chaz Bono

But have the famous mother and son duo really cut ties? Chaz took to Twitter to dispel the silly rumor when a fan asked, “What's the biggest misconception about Cher in the media?” The star's response: “We were never not talking. That was a stupid rumor started by a tabloid.”

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    1. the real_Somebody says:

      I never believed that Cher would turn her back on either of her children. The tabloids make up stories to sell their rags. Chaz seems like a very sincere, genuinely nice man. As fan of both he and his Mom–I will continue to defend them in the rags.

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