Boston Fans To Rihanna: You Messed With The Wrong City

Posted on May 7th, 2013 at 9:26 am

riri2 After cancelling her Boston concert stop during her Diamonds World Tour in March due to illness, Rihanna returned Monday night to make good for her New England fans.  After the harrowing events the city went though in April with the Boston Marathon bombing, you'd think she'd want to really give the fans a top notch experience.

Instead she did the opposite and upset her fans there even more, taking the stage at the TD Garden nearly three and a half hours late.  And she didn't even have an opening act to help pass the time.

Her upset fans turned to social media to express their anger at the situation.  Here's a sampling of what they had to say:

Dev22: "So pissed at Rihanna. We waited three hours for you, not to mention the 2 months we waited after your first cancelled show. Waste of money."

Christopher James: "So, Rihanna you suck. Love Boston."

Cadien Fo Shaw: "You chose the wrong city to do this to especially after our last month of turmoil and you already canceling the original show."

Jodi Kulinitch: "And we will never forget you showing up on stage finally at 10:30pm....after your opening act was a no show & not even apologizing."

A fan even captured the upset fans booing the We Found Love superstar on their Vine:

 For her part, Rihanna seemed oblivious to the controversy, tweeting: ""BOSTON I will never forget this night!!! I truly have deeper love for you now!!! Thank you for making it extra special"

Guess she hasn't able to hear the audience's reaction!

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    1. ms. yo'londa says:

      now Rihanna was wrong for coming to the show late and not even saying sorry, but the 1st cancellation was out of her hands because she was sick. But Rihanna should have said sorry for being late and had an opening act (a back up plan at least)

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