Blake Shelton’s Message To The Tabloids: “Blow Me”

Posted on May 15th, 2013 at 3:56 pm


They are the first couple of Country music, but the tabloids are insisting Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton's marriage is on the rocks.

In Touch claims the couple is reeling from a cheating scandal that allegedly took place three months ago and Miranda is turning to drinking to ease the loneliness.

Their sister publication, Life&Style, claims the couple will spend most of their summer apart. "Because of overlapping gigs from May to September, there are at least 71 days during the summer when coming face-to-face will be nearly impossible for the country couple," claims the tabloid.

The tabloid goes on to say The Voice judge has 153 work commitments between now and the end of his "Ten Times Crazier Tour" on October 5.

Just as he joked about the infidelity rumors in March, Blake has taken to Twitter to respond to the latest tabloid accusations:

"Just reading up on my summer schedule in the tabloids. I wonder if they saw the day I had marked off that they can blow me...?"

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    1. Blt1311 says:

      Um the first couple what about Faith Hill and Tim McGraw they make it work just fine why don’t you just LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!

    2. Katieboo says:

      Haha awesome! You tell ’em, Blake!

    3. Kayle Bentley says:

      Hahaha why the lies? People make things up for attention or do they get paid for telling lies???? You tell em Blake!!! This is why I wont buy any trash on the racks. Blake and Miranda are fine, a very happy loving couple. And no cheating has ever happened. Blake is faithful to his wife and thats the bottom line. They are like the perfect couple. Their marriage isn’t on the rocks. They will grow old together faithfully and love eachother unconditionally always! Gossip, rumors, lies are for like 15 year olds not grown ups,……..

    4. Linda Moore says:

      Can he be anymore awesome?? That tweet was hysterical! Message to the tabs…”not a good idea to mess with Blake! He’s a whole lot bigger than any of you morons and a whole lot richer”.

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