Beyonce’s Non-denial Denial

Posted on May 18th, 2013 at 2:55 pm


Sometimes a celebrity makes a rumor worse.

Such is the case with Beyonce.

Rumors reached a fever pitch on Friday that the pop diva and hubby, Jay-Z, are expecting their second child.

Both stars had remained mum -- until Saturday morning when Bey sent out this message on Instagram.


 While we get the clear indication that Beyonce is upset at the "low life" press -- especially E! for spreading the pregnancy rumors. But we aren't clear whether she is really denying them.

But, we are going to give Beyonce a wide berth, because we recognize that most women won't announce their pregnancy until they have passed their first trimester.

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    1. lol says:

      Playing the game. Beyoncé always wants it on her terms. Something like the K’s.. she wants public life when she wants it & private life when things are not good.. It’s all a game for media attention..

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