Barbara Walters: ‘I’m Not Disappearing Into The Sunset’

Posted on May 13th, 2013 at 8:27 am
It's been an emotional morning for Barbara Walters and the ladies on The View.
After a five minute montage looking back at her entire career, Barbara received a standing ovation on her morning talk show Monday.
Then with watery eyes, she told her viewers, "I promised you would hear it here first."
Barbara, who has broken every barrier for a female newscaster, has been on television for 50 years. "I will retire from appearing on television at all," she said. But, she will continue as executive producer on the show she create in 1997. Her retirement takes hold in Summer 2014.
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg appeared on the show singing her praises. Barbara told the audience about a mock wedding they had on the show a few years back where he was the celebrity she would most like to marry. But, the ever witty Barbara quickly mentioned they never consummated their marriage.

And if you're like us and think it's going to be hard to keep Barbara off TV, she admitted, "There may be special occasions -- I'm not disappearing into the sunset, but I don't want to be on another show or climb another mountain." She said, "I want to sit in a sunny field and admire the gifted women who will be taking my place."

And with that -- she got a huge round of applause.

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