Amanda Bynes Suing NYPD, Getting A Nose Job, & Becoming A Rapper

Posted on May 27th, 2013 at 9:57 am

byeFirst Amanda Bynes was suing the media for writing "false" stories about her, and now the former actress claims she's suing the New York police department for a flurry of different reasons.

Bynes took to her Twitter account Monday to share exactly why she's taking legal action. Here is her rant in its entirety:

"For once and for all, this is the last thing I'll say about the mistaken arrest. I'm suing NYPD for illegally entering my apartment, lying about drugs on me and lying about me tampering with non existent drug paraphernalia, then I'm suing for being put into a mental hospital against my will, then locked up overnight for coming home after a facial and working out with my trainer like the good girl that I am. I'm allergic to alcohol and drugs and don't partake in any of the above. I'm so offended by all of this but so proud to not be a drug or alcohol user. I don't need to talk about this anymore. My lawyer and I are taking this offense so seriously! Everything they did was against the law and The judge saw that there was no drugs on me or proof of any type of bong or mental illness (I was so offended to even be taken to a mental hospital and they would not let me call my lawyer until the next day after being in jail all night, then I went to court and was immediately released because the judge saw that I was wrongly arrested. The cops found no proof of any type of drug use or evidence of drug paraphernalia such as a bong in or around my apartment) I'm also suing my apartment complex for lying about me smoking in my building. I'm free forever! You can't lock up an innocent person! Thanks for caring!"

The best part about the whole spiel? The troubled starlet's last sentence where she exclaims, "Look forward to seeing me in music videos! I'm getting in shape and getting a nose job! I'm looking forward to a long and wonderful career as a singer/rapper!"

Poor dear.

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    1. Not a fan says:

      It really irks me how she insinuated that being checked into a mental clinic for one night is something that no normal person would experience. who have had She paints it as a dark and shameful place to be.
      Mental issues stretch across a huge spectrum. Hormones, social environment and many other ‘normal’ criteria contribute in ‘mental’ help. It doesn’t automatically mean you’re crazy, or insane. The negative stigma of mental illness has come out of the shadows in this last decade and to have someone who reaches many young opinions endorse a night in a mental clinic is only for those who are not normal is very wrong. She needs to remember that because her platform to address thousands of viewers comes with a certain responsibility.

    2. Doug Denslowe says:

      I hear “suing City Hall” is often successful!Good luck!

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