Vicki Gunvalson: New Face, New Roommates, New Drama

Posted on April 2nd, 2013 at 11:36 am


The Real Housewives of Orange County started its eighth season this week and it promises to have lots of drama between our very platinum blonde ladies.

We start off with Vicki Gunvalson, the only original cast member who must have been bothered that she was the elder in the group, and had her entire face reconstructed with a chin implant, new nose and lots of facial fillers, as first reported by RumorFix.

We learn that after last season, with everyone hating on her boyfriend Brooks Ayers, the relationship is "unsettled" and she is living alone in her huge mansion.  Apparently her ex-husband Donn Gunvalson finally moved out and she has just become a grandmother.  Her daughter Briana gave birth to a baby boy and Vicki is redecorating because now her daughter, son-in-law and grandson will be moving in. Oh Briana, reconsider! Lots of drama is sure to ensue for this young family living under the same roof as the controlling, hysterical, drama-fueled Vicki.

Tamra Barney and her kids move in with her fiancé, Eddie Judge, in preparation for their upcoming nuptials. But it seems that the honeymoon is over. Instead of lots of excessive PDA we were so used to seeing between these two, now it's real life with Tamra going ahead with opening a fitness studio and Eddie being her investor. There's lots of bickering over rules at his house and Tamra hates his decor and admits to seeing his controlling side, which is why she divorced her ex-husband Simon Barney. "It's kind of annoying, because I will never let another man tell me what to do again" Tamra says. Sounds kind of ominous to us.

Next we see Alexis Bellino or "Jesus Jugs" as Tamra referred to her in last season's reunion show and we find out that Alexis and Jim have threatened to sue Tamra over that offensive comment. Apparently Alexis and  Jim have bounced back nicely from bankruptcy last season and purchased a huge five bedroom, six bathroom home. "No more renting for us" Alexis proudly says as we see her and Jim bicker over the decorating options each wants for their new home. She continues to say how the other women "bullied" her in Costa Rica last season and she even treats the viewers to a dictionary definition of the word bullying.

Heather Dubrow and her plastic surgeon husband Terry, host a clam bake for their fellow cast mates at their insanely huge mansion and everyone is invited except Alexis. Heather says since they can't get along, she doesn't want Alexis in her life. And lots of tension is building because Vicki and Tamra, the two unpredictable firecrackers of this group, are no longer speaking since last year and Vicki is nervous en route to the party to be going alone, without a man and to show off her new face. To be continued ....

Reporting by Erika Pressman

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    1. Rachal says:

      They are all living in styes and I don’t what the O.C. pigs, stopped watching them years ago.

    2. real says:

      The showmis boring. Tamera has causednthe show to become one of the worse reality shows on. I don’t know what happen to this show. Whenmit first started it was good but Tamera is loud, ghetto and overmthe top. Her exhusband kept her under control and now she is a loose cannon. This a must turn.

    3. $9842229 says:

      poor Vicki, I just don’t think a plastic surgeon had anything to work with and did the best he could. She should have left herself alone because she made that fatal mistake and like most freaky looking victims of plastic surgery, Vicky is now in that club. (she went to far)

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