The Real Reason Richie Sambora Left The Bon Jovi Tour — Exclusive

Posted on April 8th, 2013 at 11:36 am


Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora is telling friends that Jon Bon Jovi's team is feeding the press with lies about the rock star.

"Richie does not have a substance abuse issue -- in fact, he's been sober for about a year," one of Richie's friends tells RumorFix exclusively, disputing reports that Jon is upset that Richie is a "hard partier."

Richie's friends are also denying that the rocker was "kicked off" the tour. "He always planned on taking a few days off so he could have meetings for his new clothing line called NikkiRich with fashion designer Nikki Lund," our source says.


The dispute between the two rock idols is over egos, says our source. "Richie thinks Jon is a big control freak."

"It's like a marriage," Richie is telling friends, "there are  problems," and he calls this argument "a hiccup in a 30-year-marriage."

Richie is telling friends he expects to have their dispute resolved in time for Bon Jovi's live performance at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on April 19.

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    1. JonFan says:

      Thank god. There isn’t a Bon Jovi without Richie!

    2. Jovileana says:

      Rest assured that Richie and Jon are without a doubt friends before business partners and this business about Jon being mad at Richie – PuhLEASE!!! These men are adults not bickering 13 years olds and are rarely in the press for anything messy — this has been another excuse for bored so called journalists to start “crap” any fans that would ever actually believe that the members of this band would ever portray a relationship other than friendly and professional has never really paid attention….I even read on another site that Dorothea was “theYokoOno” of the band and that she is actually calling the shots…Mr. Bon Jovi and his bandmates and his wife our rarely in the headlines because of their capacity to balance out life and business; true examples of WHAT TO DO!!!

    3. Martha says:

      Jon needs to settle down. Since he’s taken the reigns with his ego the band sucks….. The song writing is terrible, lazy, repetitive, boring, hooks are dated and simply lack lustre. there’s no feeling in the music anymore. Jon needs to step away and bring it back to what music once was before the fame and fortune. 2 good buds writing tunes in the mamma’s basement and crafting songs with passion. I’m sick of Jon’s positive we can, working man, my life, my way Frank Sinatra/Anthony Robbins rip off BS. I used to be a fan up until Have a nice day album. From that album onwards You can hear the lack of passion in everyone as they are simply turning up to work, not make music. These days was the last album true to Bonjovi’s emotions. That was a perfect album! The current fight between Ritchie and Jon is testament to this truth regarding Jon’s ego problem. You can’t have Bonjovi without Ritchie. It simply wouldn’t work.

      • thesedays_99 says:

        I agree but I would say everything past Have a Nice Day. H.A.N.D wasn’t bad but past that album is elevator music. I love Thesedays and my favorite album since the 80s and 90s is Bounce! Sadly I don’t think we’ll here any more albums that actually rock. They still can tear up that stage though!

    4. I seriously do not believe Richie would take a break from a world tour to attend to his clothing line. He had been on holiday in Hawaii and had tweeted about getting back into the tour. If this had been a planned break, Phil X would have been organised to be playing at Calgary and he wasn’t, he was rushed in the next day. This story, like all the others out there is absolute BS! Richie tweeted he had a “personal issue’ to attend to and would be back soon. End of story.

    5. eusue says:

      I hope this doesn’t mean he’s leaving Bon Jovi forever. If it does, it make the concert I just went to more centimemtal to me. 😡

    6. Ashley Caskey Messer says:

      Seems to me he is not needed anyway. I AM a Bon Jovi fan. I don’t have to like Richie to be a Bon Jovi fan. Let him go out on his own from now own…we all know how that turned out.

    7. Karla Mae says:

      Bon Jovi wouldn’t be the same without Richie. Please, settle this down. You all have worked so hard for 30 years, do something to not see it wasted, guys.

    8. jammer says:

      jon bon jovi is becoming the george lucas of rock n roll

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