The Kandi Factory Is A Lie, Says Show Contestant

Posted on April 9th, 2013 at 2:56 pm

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss' new show The Kandi Factory premieres Tuesday night, but there's already one contestant who is coming to RumorFix to reveal his distaste for the singing competition show.

A pilot episode for The Kandi Factory aired in March as a test to see if fans would tune in, and sure enough they did.

 Matthew Solomon, a 19-year-old college student had big dreams of becoming a rock star, won during the pilot episode, but he's telling friends his hopes have been dashed.

Solomon's good friend Jamie Rose tells RumorFix exclusively, "Kandi really messed Matthew up emotionally. She promised him all kind of things like fame and that he was going to go far and make an album, and would even be opening for people like Nicki Minaj. Kandi promised him all this fame which he never got.

"The show was not supportive of Matthew, and didn't give him royalties he made from the song," the friend says, adding that his single was taken off iTunes just months after its release.  

Matthew felt as if he was "brain washed" just to participate in the show, with Kandi and show producers telling him, "We're going to get you famous, this is what's gonna happen -- you're going to go far," the friend tells us.

And although Solomon ultimately got what the show "promises" in its description (a song and music video), he still feels betrayed, used and lied to as he claims he was promised much more when the cameras weren't around. "He and Kandi built a very strong relationship. She told Matthew if he needed anything that he could go to her," Matthew's close bud adds.

The Kandi Factory is described as a competition pop music show where two musical hopefuls turn to Reality TV and compete with one another with hopes of fulfilling their dreams of becoming performers, and promises the winner their song released as a single, and a music video to support it. Kandi Burruss has not responded to our requests for comment.

The show airs on Bravo Tuesday, April 9 at 7 p.m.

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    1. Jason Santoro says:

      What did he expect from a Hasbeen. Only two people have made it from American Idol. Did he really think that he was going to make it on a show about a black woman trying to make music on a stage the size of a bathroom?? really girl sounds like she played herself into think she was going to be famous.

    2. JoeyG says:

      Has anyone actually heard seen his appearance on the show? Boo-hoo .. my dad left me, everyone and everything is against me. Yeah, because that hasn’t happened to anyone in the world, ever! Although, he will probably get his shot someday — right in the face, s*cking c*ck in gay porn.

    3. Jess says:

      Kandi is so shady.. I couldnt buy the boys single on itunes for months and kandi did say that was his prize..then the day the new show airs she puts it back on itunes to save her ass..i dont like shady people..kandi really screwed her contestants over.shame on her

    4. It is not Kandi’s fault- HE could not keep up his end of the bargain which was to be liked by an audience. Sincerely….He sucks! She did her best. and God Bless her.

      • jake says:

        i loved the single and couldn’t buy it on itunes…if u clearly watched the show that was the prize? Do you personally know u know she did her best? She just wanted a full new season she didnt care about her pilot contestants

    5. I like the new song “You and Me.” It was a good show too.

    6. Lucy says:

      Not good the show isn’t doing so well on bravo. Don’t make promises you can’t deliver in my eyes people would be happy to just have a chance on the show. Wait and see what Kandi has to say two sides to every story!!

      • joseph says:

        kandi took the song off itunes for months how was the winner supposed to perform and have a platform? thats a fact, then kandi puts the song back up when her new season airs? Thats basically a f you to the pilot contestants…The pilot show got double the viewers if it wasnt for the contestants kandi wouldn’t have a full season

        • Lucy says:

          I find it hard to believe that Kandi would give a song away. That’s how she makes her living. That is why she is suing Kim. She wants her cut. It doesn’t make sense to me that she would give every contestant win or lose a song. I can see her doing that for the winner along with a contract with her percentage. Maybe the contestants should have had a lawyer present. I do believe Bravo and Kandi had the contracts written to protect themselves.

    7. MAGGIE WALKER says:


    8. Riki D says:

      my Kandi rating scale keeps falling…

    9. No the kid was not good _ Kandi and Co had to REALLY dress up his performance with DOZENS of performers if you remember. He wasn’t fit, he could not sing, he could not dance — lets face it, he was LUCKY to be there and should be gr8ful. #RATCHETdown! (lol)

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