Teresa Giudice: I’m Not Trying To Destroy Melissa Gorga’s Marriage — Exclusive

Posted on April 12th, 2013 at 1:05 pm

melissaspl518096_001“Teresa Giudice’s Lies Spark The Biggest Fight In Housewives History," blares a cover story headline in Life&Style magazine.

According the gossip rag, Giudice spread rumors that her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, cheated on Teresa's brother, Joe Gorga, with her criminal ex-boyfriend, Brian “Bulldog” Bowen. And it’s these swirling rumors that led to a blowup fight at the Moxie Salon in New Jersey on March 30 when Teresa’s alleged friend Penny Drossos revealed that Giudice is the one behind the cheating rumors!

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But The Real Housewives of New Jersey star is coming to RumorFix exclusively to shoot down the gossip, claiming Life&Style’s article is “the exact opposite of the truth.”

Giudice tells RumorFix that the tabloid is totally wrong when it claims her “heartless quest to tear Melissa down has cost her dearly. Her relationship with her brother has been tense for years, and countless moments the Gorgas and Giudices could have shared together have been ruined.”

Teresa tells RumorFix exclusively, “My brother and Melissa and I have been in a good place for a long time now. I would never do anything to hurt my family, ever. I don't give two craps about rumors about Melissa's past, as long as she treats my brother and my parents well, we're good!”

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The 40-year-old beauty continues, “I judge people on who they are now, not who they used to be. You saw me on Celebrity Apprentice, that's how I am. I don't plot against anyone. I just live my life which keeps me busy enough, believe me!"

And just to prove how bogus the rumors are, the entrepreneur tells us she’s been spending some great quality time with her brother Joe and his wife (something enemies definitely don’t do!), revealing, “My brother and Melissa just came over to dinner the other night with my mom to taste some of my new Fabulicious Foods--which are so so good, we get them shipped over from Italy!”

Teresa, who is ultra busy with her fourth cookbook Fabulicious: On the Grill coming out in three weeks, her Fabellini and Milania Hair Care taking off, and running her four daughters all over the place every day, tells us she simply does not have time to make up such childish rumors anyway!

And as for her alleged “friend” Penny Drossos who claimed Teresa’s behind the evil cheating plot, a source close to Giudice tells us that Penny is just another sad case of a woman desperate to get her 15 minutes of fame.

“This lady Penny has been trying to get cast on RHONJ for two years, and Teresa doesn’t even know her!” our insider reveals, adding that Penny is creating drama between the Gorgas and Giudices just to land her a spot on the show, telling us that Penny was talking trash to Melissa but once she saw she couldn’t get the reality star riled up, the woman went after Teresa. However, our source continues, once Teresa got wind of this, she “flipped out because she doesn’t stand for people lying about her — she stands up for herself.”

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All drama and tear aside, Teresa is keeping her mind focused only on the positive, telling RumorFix exclusively, “My life is blessed right now. I would never do anything to change that. I will tell you though that like in every city, there are plenty of people who want to get on the show and try to bring drama to get themselves cast. I have nothing to do with them. As long as they don't bring the drama my way, we're good!" 

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    1. *yawns* Just more Bravo encouraged crap. They don’t get it that no one buys into their fake stupidity!

    2. Michael says:

      Seriously?? we are supposed to believe Teresa is telling the truth just because she came to you and told you “her truth?” Just like when she says she had nothing to do with setting Melissa up last season, but Kim D. herself said she did, again “Teresa’s truth” Sorry Rumorfix but I don’t believe just because someone comes to you and tells you they are going to tell you the truth means they are actually being truthful. Teresa has been caught in too many lies for me to believe she even knows what the truth is.

    3. I won’t ever , ever believe a comment from Teresa ever again. She is another phony drama queen just like Kim Kartrashian. The Posche should be removed permanently from the Brownstown and Kim D forever banned from their shows or businesses.

    4. Riki D says:

      She isn’t anything but trash!!! Everyone knows it. The trash she puts out is the fault of Andy Cohen… He should have fired her years ago!

    5. Ariuszme says:

      40 year old beauty? lol
      she’s ugly, she’s trash, and she’s a liar
      this site is just sucking up to her because she came to them, here and gave them a story.
      how gullable are people?

    6. hwcrazygal says:

      “Teresa tells RumorFix exclusively, “My brother and Melissa and I have been in a good place for a long time now”. umm and how long ago was the reunion?

    7. Tre's Felon Forehead says:

      If Teresa’s lips are moving she is lying.

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