Sheree Whitfield Gives Porsha Stewart Divorce Advice — Exclusive

Posted on April 7th, 2013 at 4:14 pm


Although Sheree Whitfield and Porsha Stewart have never met, they have a lot of in common.

They both have been on Real Housewives of Atlanta and they were married to former NFL players.

So RumorFix decided to ask Sheree to give the embattled Housewife some advice.

"As a woman my heart goes out to her," Sheree tells us exclusively. "Stay positive, stay strong and keep moving forward," she advises Porsha.

"It's not easy. It's not easy for anyone, but it will get better," she says.

Sheree says, "I would tell anyone whether they were married to an NFL player or a trash collector, 'You definitely have to have those people you can trust around you -- and, of course, you have to cry!"

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Fans of RHOA think Porsha's estranged husband, Kordell Stewart, was controlling. Sheree says whatever problems a couple has will be heightened on reality TV. "I honesty think marriages that were broken up on any reality show came into the reality show with problems," she concludes.

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    1. Doug Denslowe says:

      Sheree giving divorce advice is like asking Kim Z. Advice on being truthful.Seriously,I miss her on the show,there’s no one to battle Ne Ne anymore!

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