Shain Gandee: Gunshot Victim Or Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Posted on April 1st, 2013 at 11:39 am


Buckwild star Shain Gandee was found dead early Monday morning in Sissonville, West Virginia and sources connected to the show originally told  RumorFix they thought the MTV reality star was a victim of a gunshot wound, but now our sources say they were confused because he was bloody when he was discovered.

The Kanawha County Sheriff's Department says there was "no foul play."

Production sources now believe that Shain and two others were drinking and crashed into the mud, then possibly were poisoned by carbon monoxide.

Reality Tea has a source who says Shain was a victim of carbon monoxide poisoning. "They were mudding and got stuck in a mud hole," the source said. "They left the engine running, which caused the carbon monoxide poisoning."

Gandee's Bronco was found in the mud after his family conducted an intense 30-hour search.

An MTV spokesperson tells RumorFix that production on the show has been suspended.

The cause of death likely won't be decided until after an autopsy.

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    1. Michael says:

      I think you may be wrong on this one according to other posts I’ve read.

    2. MTV Fools says:

      Shain’s Twitter posts claimed he went to church yesterday, when, of course, he was dead. MTV obviously runs his Twitter, not Shain. Those “I’m at Easter Church Service, Y’all” show how cyncially MTV – while Shain out getting drunk and dying, MTV wants you to believe that, at heart, he’s a good Christian boy- ‘;cause their viewers (rednecks) love baby Jesus. “Shain” (MTV) has since deleted those posts,

      • Abram Violet says:

        ummmm, he was last seen sunday night leaving a bar around 3am… so he was alive and well during they day…get your facts straight moron…you sound dumber then those ‘rednecks’ you are referring too

        • johnsgirl82 says:

          theres nothing wrong with being a redneck

        • Abigail says:

          Sunday Morning at 3.AM=Saturday night. So you’re actually the one that sounds dumb.

          • simanolewind says:

            Sunday morning at 3:00a.m would actually mean Monday , so he could have been the one posting that he was at church . Then went out later that night . I really don’t care where he was and I did not care for the show very much , how ever I still do not wish that pain on any family and I am so very sorry for their loss .

            • CommonSense says:

              You’re an idiot. Sunday morning at 3:00AM actually means Sunday at 3:00AM..AKA 3 hours after midnight,,AKA 4 hours after Saturday at 11:00PM. Think about it..they were found Monday morning after a 30 HOUR search..your time perception doesn’t add up! Regardless, RIP Shain, you were hilarious and I’m sure you were a great person! You will be missed by many!

        • CommonSense says:

          ummm..he was alive and well during the day of Saturday…You see, what happens with a clock is 1 minute after 11:59PM Saturday, It turns 12:00AM Sunday..Then sure enough, 3 hours after’s magically 3:00AM Sunday. Just to reiterate for you in a different way..He was out Saturday night, it passed midnight which makes it Sunday morning..around 3:00AM he left the bar and got stuck in a mudhole..I don’t doubt he was at Sunday church service, but he was there as an angel. RIP Shain!

      • Johnsgirl 82 says:

        what does that have to do with the fact that this poor guy is now dead? Who cares about the twitter or who runs it? RIP Shain and im so sorry to his family…..mine much better post than yours yall

      • Mandii says:

        Shain Gandee DOES NOT have a twitter. Please get your facts straight before posting things people will read.

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