Sean Lowe: I Don’t Think I’m A Diva!

Posted on April 13th, 2013 at 5:00 am

Sean Lowe is a dancing DIVA! So says TMZ...

It's been the ongoing rumor ever since The Bachelor hunk started rehearsals on Dancing With The Stars.

The gossip site claimed the reality star demanded to be filmed from certain angles, talked down to crew members and bragged to his fellow competitors, “This show needs me!”

Although RumorFix already debunked this rumor, we have even more proof now...from Sean himself!

DWTS co-star Andy Dick conducted an interview with Lowe exclusively for RumorFix to get to the bottom of these silly allegations.

Check out our video to see what Sean himself had to say about tabloid craziness.

But wait, the best part about the vid? Andy and Seany have quite the little bromance session--don't check out the clip above if you don't want to blush!

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