Rick Ross “Rape Lyrics” Prompt Protest Against Reebok

Posted on April 9th, 2013 at 12:36 pm
The fallout surrounding Rick Ross' controversial rhymes in the song "U.O.E.N.O." continues to grow. Although Rick has apologized for his tasteless lyrics, UltraViolet, the New York-based women’s group that's spearheading the protest against the  hip-hop star, says they are still mad because he won't acknowledge the lyrics are about rape.

Saying his apologies "weren't apologies at all," UltraViolet's co-founder Shaunna Thomas told RumorFix what Rick needs to do to turn the situation around. "He still hasn't acknowledged what anyone reading the lyrics in that song knows that he was rapping about drugging and raping a woman. Every effort he's made to calm the situation down has led to more people taking notice and taking action against him because it's clear he doesn't get it," Shaunna says.

"If Rick Ross wants to turn this situation around he needs to acknowledge the problem with his lyric and commit to using his platform and his influence to prevent rape, instead of what he's doing now, which is essentially telling women, men, boys and girls that raping women is cool."

Last week, UltraViolet, held a protest outside of Reebok's flagship store in New York, demanding the company drop Rick from their roster of celebrities with endorsement deals. Although Reebok has yet to respond UltraViolet's campaign, the group doesn't plan on letting up. "Our members and thousands of others have been calling Reebok's headquarters, tweeting at Reebok and Rick Ross and demanding an answer," says Shaunna.

"Today, an open letter to Reebok, written by a rape survivor, is being signed by hundreds of people and will be delivered to Reebok's headquarters as well. We do not intend to let up. The longer Reebok stays silent, the more we will do to demonstrate why their silence, for millions of people, is tantamount to condoning rape."

Reporting by Mara The Hip Hop Socialite

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    1. Disconnect says:

      OMG how disgusting! He’s got dikdoo, where his belly literally hangs lower than his dik do.

    2. Kathy4624 says:

      I am sure that somewhere there are people that look up to him. That is what society has come too. I saw the pic and threw up in my mouth! I know throwing up in my mouth is gross, but seeing that pic was worse! Despicable!

    3. disgrace says:

      Rick wont understand his words until someone rapes his female family members. Were boycotting reebok. He’s not even the real Rick Ross and isnt he to old to rap, sag, and look like that. Yuck

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