Nik Richie To Lindsay Lohan Dad: I Watched Your Daughter Snort Her Life Away

Posted on April 25th, 2013 at 2:48 pm

Untitled-1Nik Richie is blasting Lindsay Lohan's dad for coming to his daughter's defense over Richie's claims that he witnessed the troubled starlet snorting cocaine at a nightclub in 2009. Although papa Michael Lohan says the claim in The Dirty blogger's new book, Sex, Lies & The Dirty, is "baloney," the blogger tells RumorFix exclusively that Michael is defending a lie, and that "They didn't nickname her [Lindsay] Blohan for nothing."

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According to the tell-all memoir, Richie details an event where he walked in on Lohan snorting cocaine off her wrist in the bathroom at a Miami nightclub on New Year's Eve 2009. But these bold claims aren't sitting well with the star's father, telling RadarOnline, “Yeah, right Nik, let me understand this! Walking into a women’s room with you? Sitting on a toilet in front of you? Doing a line in front of you? Coming on to you? Okay. No wonder the title of your book is lies,” adding, “I don’t want to sling mud. I’m just calling a spade a spade. But one thing I will never let anyone do is lie about my daughter. When she’s wrong she’s wrong, but when she’s right, she’s right.”

But Nik isn't letting up and is standing by his word, telling RumorFix, "I have no reason to LIE. Lindsay Lohan was an actress at one point in her career. Now she is the poster child of what drugs do to a celebrity. The event happened during her downward drugged out spiral as she celebrated the New Year of 2009. For anyone to think she was sober that night must be smoking crack. They don't call her Blohan for nothing. "

Richie continues, "My book Sex, Lies And The Dirty is about my growth and journey as I created I can give two sh*ts about Lindsay Lohan. She was just another chapter of life and I learned about failures that night as I watched her snort away her life."

To hear more dirt, Richie's juicy tell-all is on shelves now.

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    1. Doug Denslowe says:

      Why do people keep sticking their noses into Linsay’s business?If she wants to get high,why should it concern the world?Some people like getting high,regardless of the laws or people’s opinion.When the Drug Prohibition is lifted,if ever,then the haters will have to find a new whipping dog!

    2. LRL says:

      Lindsay has mental health issues foremost and it’s not 2009 anymore. Nik Ritchie is just another gossip blogger talking too much.

    3. Keith says:

      i put some comments on his fb dirty page about some thing he was doing to aid humans in another country that i thought was all full of red tape and he immediately blocked me from commenting on the fb page and cleared my comments up with his own words.

    4. jen says:

      ew hes disgusting. shes still a human being

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