Mila’s Men: Ashton Kutcher & Macaulay Culkin In London At Same Time

Posted on April 10th, 2013 at 11:44 am


Two men who won Mila Kunis' heart are in London at the same time.

Her current boyfriend, Ashton Kutcher, was spotted Wednesday wearing a Pea coat coming out of the Covent Gardent Hotel, while her ex, Macaulay Culkin, was seen nearby wearing headphones and black nail polish.

Mila is filming Jupiter Ascending with Channing Tatum in England's capital. The beautiful brunette dated the Home Alone star for eight years before splitting up in 2011. Ashton is still married to Demi Moore, even though they both have filed for divorce.

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    1. mary says:

      macaulay is allll the wayyy better than that ashton doucher. why mila why? is that worth to make macaulay upset?

      • julu says:

        Culkin hasn’t had a career since Home Alone, has had a drug problem, and I hear he’s great on video games, yea way better then Kutcher….ummm what?

        • mary says:

          everything is not a career. plus culkin retired from acting and not a attention hoooker like ashton. plus he is a living legend and icon himself, ashton (once he died, he will be forgetten a few decades after but macaulay not) you can’t know macaulay has a drug problem or not at least he doesn’t seem like as douchy as ashton. and video games are great. he wasn’t cheating her wife, was he?

    2. Nat says:

      the day will come when Ashton will cheat on Mila . . . he`s not worth a penny . . . maybe it`s then when Mila sees who really cares for her . . .

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