Melissa Joan Hart Will Record An Outgoing Voice Mail Message For You For $500

Posted on April 11th, 2013 at 5:01 pm


Melissa Joan Hart wants your help to make a $2 million movie, where she goes against type and plays a girl who experiences her first "Walk of Shame."

On her Kickstarter page, the wholesome star says she wants to "prove to people that I'm more than Clarissa or Sabrina." The 36-year-old star has fallen in love with a script called Darci's Walk Of Shame and she's not going to wait for a studio to fund it. She's following in the footsteps of Kristen Bell, who raised millions to make a Veronica Mars movie.

And Melissa is offering some great incentives for people willing to fork over the bucks:

  • For $250 you will get an onscreen "Thank you" at the end of credits.
  • For $300, Melissa will follow you on Twitter for a year.
  • For $500, Melissa will record an outgoing voice mail message for you.
  • For $1,000, you'll get two VIP tickets to the movie's premiere and After Party.
  • For $2,500, you'll be a featured extra in the movie.
  • For $5,000, you'll receive a costume worn by Melissa in the movie.
  • For $6,500, you'll be able to name a character in the movie.
  • For $8,000, you'll get an associate producer credit.
  • For $10,000, you'll get a speaking role in the film or Melissa and the cast will tape a video for your wedding

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