Meet Vida Guerra: The Latin Kim Kardashian

Posted on April 24th, 2013 at 5:43 pm

Vida Guerra Shows Off Her Bikini Body In Miami

She's being called the Latin Kim Kardashian.

PICTURES: Vida Guerra Shows Off Her Bikini Body

Vida Guerra, who is a Cuban-born glamour model, is known for her bodacious booty -- just like her American counterpart.

The sexy Latina posed nude in Playboy in 2006 and she credits vegetarianism for keeping her bikini-ready all year long.

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    1. nowdisconnected says:

      Stop comparing women to KK! There is no comparison to that skanky ho! We all know how she gained fame. Stop using her name in headlines that have NOTHING TO DO WITH HER! And stop comparing her to Kate Middleton! That is the biggest insult to Kate! KK is disgusting!

    2. shay says:

      Ehh..her butt isn’t that big.

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