Lindsay Lohan Mourns Tragic Death In The Family

Posted on April 3rd, 2013 at 2:26 pm

gucciWednesday made for a very sad day in the life of the Lohans.

RumorFix can reveal that Lindsay and her family suffered a tragic loss after their beloved dog, Gucci, passed away after 15 years of a very privileged life.

A rep for the sad starlet confirms the passing with RumorFix, telling us that the white Maltese with LiLo's "beloved first dog."

Momma Lohan also took to Twitter to express her grief, saying “Sad day! Our family dog Gucci passed away today! She was 15 and such a beautiful spirit, she will be forever missed ! Xo”

While the news didn't come easy for the Liz & Dick star, Dina Lohan reveals, “Lindsay just got back from Brazil late last night so I waited to tell her until she got home. We loved her (Gucci) for 15 years. It’s very sad.”

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    1. mtwp says:

      no apostrophe in lohans in the first sentence……

    2. $9842229 says:

      16 years with the Lohans’ the dog probably took its own life..

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