Lindsay Lohan Keeps ET Waiting For 7 Hours Then Refuses Interview

Posted on April 1st, 2013 at 5:04 pm


... And Lindsay Lohan wonders why she gets such bad press.

The Mean Girls star kept Entertainment Tonight waiting for seven hours, then refused to do an interview, RumorFix has learned.

While the actress was playing herself on the set of Anger Management, ET producers saw first hand what everyone has been complaining about.

Charlie Sheen, who seems to give her a wide berth, waited for two hours for the 26-year-old star to come out of her trailer to shoot her scenes with him.

And then ET reports that she "stumbled on a few of her lines," before getting some a laughs.

The last straw? The reporter and camera crew waited seven hours to interview Lindsay, only to be turned down. Charlie covered for her saying she had an ear ache.

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    1. Diane says:

      talk about not comprehending what is said. rumorfix, the site that keeps on screwing up.

    2. Interviews are what, 10-15 minutes and edited down for a segment. She can work several hours with an ear ache on the show but 10 minutes with ET, that’s asking WAY too much!

    3. Disconnect says:

      One thing Lindsey is really good and consistent with is LYING!

    4. Lissie says:

      an ear ache?……really? thats pathetic even for her.

    5. ap4louie says:

      I wonder if Charlies going to say I win, or was it I won when Lilo is gone. Sad he is just sitting by condoning all the mistakes she’s making considering he’s made most of the same himself. For except the clepto bit! Age hasen’t made him smarter. She could be his daughter!

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