Kim Kardashian Pushing Her Limits?

Posted on April 3rd, 2013 at 6:41 am

Kim Kardashian arrives at LAX Airport looking very pregnant

A very pregnant Kim Kardashian is continuing to criss-cross the globe despite her doctors orders to take it easy.

In March, Kim was rushed to her doctor's office after experiencing some pain and discomfort aboard a transatlantic flight from Europe.  RumorFix was later informed by Kim's rep that the reality star had been ordered to get some rest and ease up on her travel schedule.

However, in the past week, Kim has traveled from L.A. to New York City for a whirlwind media tour to promote her new movie, Temptation, followed by a cross country flight back home to California.  Just a couple of days later, Kim jetted from Los Angeles back to Europe, where she spent Easter weekend doing some baby shopping with Kanye West in Paris.

Late Tuesday, Kim embarked on another overseas flight back to LAX where she was photographed looking drained, as one might expect.

What do you think?  Is Kim pushing her pregnancy to far?  Do you think she should slow down?  Could you keep up with this Kardashian?

Let us know!

Kim Kardashian arrives at LAX Airport looking very pregnant

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    1. $9842229 says:

      seems awfully weird that someone who was told to take it easy and had a scare already is still flying all over the place. Makes me wonder how much she really wants this baby or is she hoping for a miscarriage.

    2. okccw says:

      She’s gone too far with the lip injections. Looks like duck lips!

    3. complicated says:

      Sounds to me like she doesnt want the baby. When a woman is pregnant she puts the child first. Their are so many women in this world that cant have kids. She really needs to do what the doctors are telling her and enjoy her blessing. If you dont want the kid give it to Khloe but dont give yourself an abortion. If this is true she is very selfish.

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