Kim Kardashian Lying About Her Due Date?

Posted on April 10th, 2013 at 5:29 am
Still A Rumor

Kim Kardashian out in Beverly Hills shopping

Kim Kardashian has previously claimed that she is due to give birth in July, but a report in the NY Post's Page Six suggests that she may have recently been caught in a lie.

The Post sites sources who claim to have overheard Kim saying that she is actually due in June.  The Post goes further and implies that Kim is giving herself an extra month to raise her baby in secret and shed some of that baby weight before debuting her post-baby body.

RumorFix thinks this conspiracy theory is ridiculous as it is unfathomable.

However, while it seems simple for Kim to put this rumor to rest, it should be noted that Kim's camp is declining to comment on the actual due date which remains STILL A RUMOR.

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    1. Marja van den Broek says:

      could be true,she lies about everything!!

    2. beachgirlforever41 says:

      just a secret so they can make some more money.

    3. Smallbite says:

      Does she really know who the father is? She needs to call Maury.

    4. $35676407 says:

      She wouldn’t be able to stay out of the limelight that long. I could see her doing that though.

    5. Kayla says:

      dude, im almost ready to have my baby at the end of May, and I gained almost 50 lbs, but this woman is much closer to her dude date, padding, or just IGNORING all health and gaining because it’s fun for a celebrity to receive attention for dumb BS.

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