Kim Kardashian A Bit Green at The Doctor’s Office

Posted on April 17th, 2013 at 2:08 pm

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Visits Her Doctor

Refusing to be confined to the typical loose dark maternity garb, a pregnant Kim Kardashian is continuing to opt for tight bright apparel as she shows off her growing baby bump.

On Wednesday, Kim emerged from a routine doctor's appointment in a green form-fitting number that would make most leprechauns jealous.

The reality star was stuffed into her latest body hugger and stepped out of her ride in a matching pair of Gumbie green heels.

Sister really needs to let that baby breathe! 

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Pregnant Kim Kardashian Heads To The Studio

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    1. Deanna777 says:

      That is the flattest sixth-month baby bump I have ever seen. She had her navel popping out in a pic last month. What happened to it?

      • nowdisconnected says:

        Just like the article states, she was “stuffed into her latest body hugger”, and “Sister really needs to let that baby breathe!” She always wears spanx, pregnant or not so that’s what’s smushing her belly button. Sausage lady…….PIG.

      • If she was literally pregnant her supposed baby bump would start right under her breasts as mine did during 5 pregnancies. Not at her waist line. Spanx with build in fake bump, for sure. Now the divorce is being finalized and kanye is splitsville, whe will fake a miscarriage, so shameful.

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