Justin Bieber Hooking Up With Selena Gomez?

Posted on April 19th, 2013 at 11:09 am
Still A Rumor


Funny thing happened on Thursday as Justin Bieber wrapped up his concert in Oslo, Norway.  That's right around the time that Selena Gomez landed in the Scandinavian country.

That's right, Justin's ex-girlfriend traveled 14 hours from Los Angeles to Norway, reportedly to visit her ex!

We have no way of knowing what this rendezvous is all about.  However, you will recall, before Justin departed the US to continue his European tour, the Biebs dropped in on Selena at her home for a friendly visit.

Is there still a spark of puppy love left for these two teeny boppers? Just a few days ago, Selena told Ryan Seacrest she is "available."  It's STILL A RUMOR, but something is up!

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