Jennifer Aniston – No Prenup?!?!

Posted on April 29th, 2013 at 11:48 am
Still A Rumor

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Would you refuse to sign a prenup agreement if you were worth $150,000,000?

Well, according to OK! magazine, that's about the amount of money that will be on the line when Jennifer Aniston marries Justin Theroux later this year, and the blockbuster actress does NOT want a prenup!

The report claims that Justin Theroux has voluntarily offered to get the awkward paperwork out of the way, however Aniston is supposedly so confident in their relationship that she wants no part of it.

The story didn't quite sound right when we heard it, so we reached out to Jennifer's high-powered publicist Stephen Huvane to get to the bottom of the tabloid report. However, to our surprise, Huvane did not deny the RUMOR!  He simply refused to comment.

It all sounds so crazy, but RumorFix's own source close to the actress says she would not be shocked if Jen decides to forego the pre-marital financial protection.

It should be noted that according to California law, Jen's current fortune will be safe with or without a signed prenup... and only future earnings during the marriage will actually be up for grabs. 

Be that as it may, we're taking this one with a grain of salt..... STILL A RUMOR!

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    1. Samm says:

      She’d be stupid not to sign one. Sure they are both famous, but I am sure she is worth more than him, and we all know how these Hollywood relationships last

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