Jenna Jameson Victim Pressing Charges, Filing Restraining Order!! – EXCLUSIVE

Posted on April 9th, 2013 at 10:47 am

Britney-and-jennaBritney Markham, the woman accusing Jenna Jameson of assaulting her Saturday night, is speaking out for the first time exclusively to RumorFix.  

Britney confirms to RumorFix that her lawyer is currently in court and in the process of filing charges and a restraining order against the former porn star!

Markham, a self-described transgender adult film actress, tells RumorFix that Jameson turned aggressive with her when she felt Markham was taking "too long scheduling a salon appointment for Jenna" in preparation for her birthday.

Markham says that Jenna, who has been calling her to work things out and pleading with her not to go to the media, attacked her with brass knuckles which caused serious injuries to her body. "Jenna's phone has brass knuckles on it so she swung over the passenger seat hitting my tummy with it and injured my spleen really badly," Markham says of the assault which took place in a car.

A distraught Britney also tells RumorFix that she believes she was attacked because she's a transsexual and that Jenna knew she wouldn't fight back. "She kept calling me a man and saying I couldn't hit her because I was a man," adding, "Jenna is a violent and abusive person, but I am shocked she laid hands on me."

Sounds like the Queen of Porn may be in some deep trouble.... Stay tuned!

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