Jason Hoppy All Smiles After Divorce Hearing With Bethenny Frankel

Posted on April 19th, 2013 at 3:51 pm


If the smile indicates anything, Jason Hoppy is happy about his divorce hearing Friday with estranged wife Bethenny Frankel.
The former couple appeared separately in a New York courtroom -- the pharmaceutical sales executive was still wearing his wedding ring.
According to People, the pair spent most of the time sitting in the halls outside the courtroom with their lawyers -- never making contact with each other.  Shortly after noon, Bethenny and Jason met with the judge, where E! says attorneys discussed Bethenny's business interests.
When they emerged, People says it appears Bethenny had been crying under her aviator sunglasses. Later they were taken to a conference room where they talked one-on-one for about 40 minutes.
Real Housewives of New York star Countess LuAnn De Lesseps came to court to support Bethenny.

Bethenny married Jason in 2010 and they have a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Bryn. They announced their split in January.

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    1. So sad, I thought they were a match made to last. I would luv for Bethany to take time off from all her crazy business crap to look long and hard at the relationship they both had and the deep love they had for each other and then the gift of Bryn. Bethany you need to step back big time, or you will end up a bitter old woman just like your mother.

      • jenn1031 says:

        ouch that was quite a harsh statement given you don’t even know her or how their relationship was behind closed doors. It amazes me how people judge these celebrities like you know all about their lives.

        • teresa darienzo says:

          Well we did watch her show, her love affair with Jason when they met, the wedding, the birth of Bryn, their boat trip for counseling etc. She put her and Jason’s lives in our homes on our t.v’s for us to see and kinda get to know them. They seemed so happy. And then SUCCESS happened at a furious pace and I just think it was too much stress for them. I think Jason took the brunt of Bethenny’s stresses but he handled it and tried to soothe her fears. But sometimes it’s not enough. I just wish they would give this marriage a chance.

        • Bryan says:

          That’s because they put it all out there for us to see on TV in Magazines in Interviews. Who cares if that’s a harsh statement, it a true one

        • Hector Sanchez says:

          Lets not forget that when ever asked she always claimed that her reality shows were truthful and in fact her life. So i think that give enough insite.

      • teresa darienzo says:

        I agree! I think her success came so fast and neither one knew how to handle it and they lost themselves in the process.

      • Bryan says:

        She already is like her mother

    2. teresa darienzo says:

      All that money won’t keep you warm at night Bethenny. Jason is a fine man and one day I believe you will regret this divorce. He truly loved you, could see it in his eyes when he looked at you. Maybe just sit on this divorce for a while and see if you can make it work. At least I’m sure you both love that baby girl with all you have. If you can’t make the marriage work I hope you can be the best parents that little girl deserves. It sure is easier and less stressful than to fight over foolishness.

    3. nunu says:

      Bethany’s a control freak. An needs to seek therapy. She has a lot of issues she needs to deal with. I think Jason was good for her. An she tested him like crap. As for Luann they coulda replaced her too. She coulda left when Jill ass got the axe.

    4. Riki D says:

      Bethenny and the cuntess hated each other… What was the cuntess doing there? Jason deserves more than all he gets for just putting up with that maniac! After all, he helped build her business!!!

    5. the ugly truth says:

      I really hope these two can figure it out because of their daughter.

      • AliMcJ says:

        I think Hoppy understands that. B is too hard-headed. She’s a good hard worker and promoter and businessperson and keeps her great little figure; she lucked out having that baby and should be more thankful for that.

    6. Stephanie says:

      I am Happy, Happy, happy for Hoppy, I want only good for him
      B wants fame m and Luann wtf is that for? press? Oh maybe a designer dressed her and she promised to have her pic taken?

    7. MomsThoughts says:

      Sometimes…marriages just end. No one has to be wrong or bad. They just aren’t right together. Its a terrible thing to go through and I feel bad for all involved.

    8. Nick says:

      Hoppy is happy because he just had a 90 lb tumor removed.

    9. 0_o says:

      i thought he could handle her but bethenny is a mess needs help with her demons

    10. AliMcJ says:

      Sorry Hoppy: Saw she could well end up like the 2 parents she hated, as she was so cold. Then you came along and I thought that having the miracle baby with you would help B become a better person. Stay close to your daughter; she may wind up hating her mother as B hates her mother, for different reasons and different personalities. So sorry for all of you, especially for you and the baby. Kudos for still wearing your wedding ring to let her know the commitment is life-long. Sheesh, youse guys could have a mansion in which you didn’t see each other that often: that’s how it’s done.

    11. Doug Denslowe says:

      Jason hit the Jackpot!Now he’s free to to find a chick that’s not not overshadowing him.Look at that smile on his face!A picture is worth a 1000 words,but in this case maybe a Million Dollars!

    12. MomsThoughts says:

      Bethenny struggled with issues and dealt with them honestly and with therapy. Jason struggled with where he fit in….he had issues with her being the boss and his role in her company. He was very childish and passive aggressive. We saw him storm off like a child with his little backpack when things didn’t go his way. He refused therapy and refused help. I think Jason is not the Mr. Wonderful he wants us all to believe he is. Bethenny has never hid her flaws. She is who she is. Jason on the other hand, struggled. I suspect he is being greedy with HER company – a company she built on her blood sweat and tears before they were together. He is probably going to be a very rich man all b/c of a couple years of marriage.

    13. VGN says:

      Does anyone know how to get in contact with Jason or his family?

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