James Deen: Sex With Farrah Abraham Was “Awesome” & “Rad” — Exclusive Video

Posted on April 9th, 2013 at 9:15 am


Remember the days when sex tapes were leaked and everyone in them feigned shock?

Well no more. I guess when you're a porn star -- you can't pretend you're shocked if you have sex on video for a living.

When RumorFix exclusively caught up with James Deen, he revealed how the sex tape came about with Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, who he calls "Farrah Abrams."

James isn't allowed to give all the details, but he tells us, he just met Farrah on Friday, when they both got tested for STDs. They both said, "You don't suck and you don't suck" to one another. They then agreed to make the "porno" two days later and before arriving "on set," James picked up Farrah at her hotel, held her hand and showed her a little TLC to get her comfortable. But, no they are not dating.

Then, they shot for a few hours on Sunday.

James tells us, she was "awesome" even though she may have been a little nervous. Overall he says, "she was rad."

He also says he's always wanted to do a sex tape and was really happy to do this one! Oh, the dreams of a porn star!

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    1. Disconnect says:

      Is it a sex tape or a porno? WTF? So now this high horse biotch is doing porn for money? Where’s her daughter?

    2. blp21 says:

      dam that’s sad.. what the hell is wrong with her

    3. beam says:

      I heard she let him use all three inputs

    4. What kind of porno doesn’t have any oral?

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